I looked through the old threads on this forum and on the wiki and couldn't find these answers, so here they are; sorry if I missed them somewhere else.

1) What is the scale of the current map? (How big are the blocks?) The fractal nature of coastlines makes it damned hard to figure out.

2) What is the general idea of the world? Are we eventually planning a full globe's worth of map space, and if so, how big is the relevant globe? And where is the current area on it, in terms of lat/long?

3) By what means is the geography created? That is, is there any kind of overarching geological idea going on, has anyone poked at the continental plates or anything, or is it just someone pushing a button on a simple terrain generator?

I'll probably have more questions, but these are the first and most important things I'd like to know. I'd hate to not know something like this from the get-go, especially the first one.