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Thread: [CC3/DD3] How to do a cave waterfall?

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    Help [CC3/DD3] How to do a cave waterfall?

    In order to get some practice and experience with making CC3/DD3 dungeon maps, I started doing all of the encounter maps from Reavers of Harkenwold (4EE DM's Kit) in DD3. I'm up to Toadwallow Marsh, and things started out well; I did the following:

    1. Draw a 1ft thick red line for the "outer wall" of the caves.
    2. Copy that line and move it aside, then draw a rectangle the size of the map on the WALLS sheet and multi-poly. Now I've got my "cut-out" style walls.
    3. Convert my red line into a poly on the FLOORS sheet, and now I have my cave floor.
    4. Next I added a stream (fractal poly) on the WATER sheet, which flows through the cave and out the mouth.
    5. Now I can tinker with the texture and effects for the water, that's not my concern--what I can't figure out is how to make it look like there's a short waterfall at the mouth of the cave!

    Can anyone offer any help with doing this in CC3/DD3?
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