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    Default VOID Tabletop RPG

    Independent Tabletop RPG to be funded through Kickstarter and released in both print and digital media. Project is currently under development and planned to be put on Kickstarter early next year. The rules system is unique and cannot be defined by any current published system. Our current needs are either one fully developed map or two split maps (please see images). Given the success of the Kickstarter, we will be interested in commissioning more maps in the same world. Further information can be found here.

    Dark and gritty fantasy world reflective of Slavic, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean Myth.

    Full world/continental map that includes natural features (rivers, mountains, hills, etc…) and man-made structures (roads, cities, ruins, etc…). The entirety of the map will span two areas: The North (Marharia) and The South (Haemus Mons). Maps

    One large map that can be divided or two medium that can be combined into a larger image (we will leave that to the professionals). After the launch of the Kickstarter, depending on how much funding is accrued, we will look into producing more maps. These would likely be of cities, dungeons, and ruins.

    Color maps, although darker colors or sepia would be appropriate to reflect the world. Image file-types that can be easily manipulated, 300 dpi minimum.

    VOID would retain rights to reproduce the map as necessary for commercial and promotional purposes while giving credit to the artist for the work. Similarly, the artist retains the right to exhibit the image for commercial and promotional purposes while acknowledging VOID as being the producer (creative backer?).

    Prior to the launch of Kickstarter. It would be nice to have the map to use as a promotional tool long before this, but we are flexible. The latest we would need this by is possibly February of 2014.

    We are unfamiliar with acceptable payment for our request, and are willing to work with the artist to determine a reasonable amount given the work being commissioned. If more maps are needed after Kickstarter, then further payment will be provided.

    Joshua Robertson and Jonathan Boydston
    Subject: Void Maps

    P.S. It should be noted that we are not intending to wait on Kickstarter to pay for the initial maps that would be commissioned.
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    do you already have some Images for the World, like Characters, Creatures or Landscapes, so I can see what meed it has?

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    This project has been Taken-Paid.

    We appreciate everyone's interest.

    VOID RPG Team

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