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Thread: Suggestions for new Graphic Tablet?

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    Post Suggestions for new Graphic Tablet?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm considering purchasing my first graphic tablet. I'm not a professional (or even freelance) graphic designer or illustrator, but I'd like to experiment with using a tablet and to maybe save myself from carpel tunnel.

    With that said, does anyone have any suggestions for a good beginner'a tablet? I'm looking for fairly cheap, can be used with an Apple, no mouse is necessary.

    Also, what are some things to look for when buying a tablet? Size? brand name? Etc.


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    I've purchased a BAMBOO by Wacom. Geared towards a beginner, I have not really played with it enough to give a good review.
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    I have a Wacom Intous 3, bought 2 years old, absolutely the best investment I made related to computer accessories ever. Simple to use, Lemur, who is three draws and paints extremely well for her age and goes to nick jr with it all the time, I use it for just about everything.
    Wacom has several models, and they can be found on ebay (I guess when folks go up a size or two, they sell them, as they never seem to fail).
    I like the 5x7, I think that is what it is, not to cramped, packs along with the laptop.
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    I have an A4 Nisis that I never use because it is way too big and the sensitivity settings don't really work. I got a 6 by 4 Wacom for Christmas and it is wonderful. I'd recommend a smaller working area as it is plenty big enough to do detailed work with and it fits in a laptop bag. I'd recommend a Wacom because they are great - and the pens (at least on the graphire) don't need batteries. There are also a lot of them floating around on ebay and they don't seem to suffer from wear and tear so they seem to be a good thing to pick up.

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    I would second the recommendations for a Wacom. Depending on how much you want to spend and how much room you have on your desk, you can go for either the A4 or A5 size. A4 (I have one) is preferable if you want to make long single strokes, but I don't think it adds much to mapping. In retrospect I could have bought an A5 and not really have lost much in doing so.

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    I don't have any comparison experience but I would never buy a tablet that isn't from Wacom. They have a long time in the market niche and I don't think its a big enough market for other companies to devote a lot of engineering to.

    When I chose my first one (the smallest Graphire) artists on Concept Art and other web sites said wacom. I rejected any designs that needed batteries in the mouse or wheel first. Who wants one more thing to need batteries for? I think I was looking at an "adesso" and the wacom. I've been very very pleased with Wacom then and since.


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    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    My motivation was one part being able to have more control over freehand line drawing and another part more versatility with PS smart brushes. For example (i'm not sure what the exact term is) but using the pen pressure to change the direction of a brush stroke on the fly. There is an example on the boards I couldn't find with footprints following a line.

    So if i were to get a tablet, I think Wacom is the way to go. Graphite also seems like a good idea. Anything else I'm missing?

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    I'd like to pipe in one more positiv comment on wacom tablets. I've been using a intuos 2 6x9 for more than five years now and i can't find anything bad to say aout it. I'll be upgrading to a cintiq12mx in the near furur but that is just for the fun of owning one and not because my actual tablet is malfunctionning.

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    The cheaper ones seem to have fewer pen dynamics built in, so there is no tilt sensitivity on the Graphire for example. However I have still found it to be more than worth the £80 it cost.

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    Another proud owner of a Wacom here, Graphire 3, A6 sized, in my case. Totally worth the €100 I paid for it a couple of years ago.
    (I don't use it that much anymore, I have no patience for digital art.. :/ )

    A6 is large enough for most users, though if I'm going to buy a new one (some day...) I will buy an A5 to have a little bit more space. But if you're just starting out, a simple tablet, either A6 or A5 will be perfect for your purposes.

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