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    Post TAKEN: I2 - Tomb of the Lizard King, conversion of maps for use in

    Hi All,
    Recently my friends and I discovered Virtual Table Top gaming and have been playing though some of the old school AD&D modules from the early 80's and late 70's. I find that with a full time job and a full life that I really don't have the time to convert the maps, manage the campaign, and DM. So, I'm looking for someone to convert the maps for me so I can upload them directly into and go. I'd prefer the maps be in CC3 format so I can make changes, but it isn't a hard requirement - high resolution PNG's and JPG's will work.
    So here's what I'm looking for

    I don't know how much something like this should cost. I would guess in the $300-$700 range depending of the quality of the work and the amount of time I've personally spent converting similar modules. But, I don't really know, so it is negotiable for sure.

    The next module we're looking at is the 1982 AD&D module I2 - Tomb of the Lizard King. Below are the maps as they appear in the module.
    Attachment 58635
    Attachment 58636

    I'd like it so that the maps are colorized and somewhat realistic (e.g. dirt or cobblestone floors as appropriate, stone walls, dungeon dressing as appropriate). I'd like the rooms and halls to be fleshed out as described in the module itself - barrels, tables, crypts, statues, etc. This is to within reason of course. I don't expect a painting of the Mona Lisa on the floor if that's what's described, it just needs to be representative enough for the players to know it's there and close enough for them to use their imaginations.
    I can supply you with a PDF of the module as needed.

    For use with virtual tabletop. Something along the lines of the following for the dungeons (overland map and the swamp are purely up to you).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ClassicDungeon1_Grid_bg.jpg 
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ID:	58637

    Quality and Size
    For use with Which means it will need to be high resolution so as to not be pixelated when zoomed in.

    By end of calendar year 2013.

    Open. Don't care what you do with it. I just need it for gaming purposes.

    Contact Info

    You'll need to contact me through email, I don't have private messaging yet on Cartographer's Guild.

    If your work is good, there will be additional AD&D module maps up for conversion.

    Thanks and best,
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