Hi all,

I was referred here by a fellow writer named Matilda Leland.

I'm a fantasy author with three publishing credits to my name. I have an Amazon Author page. It's only two short stories and an interview with Geroge R.R. Martin, but i'm proud of 'em. And I have other short stories in the works.

I've been working very hard on a fantasy book series, one which I think will span to four books. I'm on Book 3 now, but the other two are in their first/second draft phase (ie. not ready to present to an agent). I have accumulated a few regular readers outside of my friends.

Every single reader asks me, at some point, if I have a map for my fictional fantasy world.

I do not. Not for lack of trying. Frankly, I'm terrible at it. All my artistic talents landed squarely in the storyteller/writer category.

So, I'm hoping to contact someone here on this site to make a computer-generated map for me. I read the guidelines on requesting this and I am eager to find someone who'd be willing to take this on. I, of course, am willing to pay for their services. It'd be absurdly selfish not to. But, I need to know the going rate, so I know whether I can afford it.