So I finally decided to start work on the actual map for my novel(s). But I need a bit of help with it! As it's for my own use, I've decided I can get a bit more detailed with it, so I made it a lot bigger and with a better resolution than the samples i made for the NaNo requests.

I'm having trouble with the scale... How do you guys keep the scaling in mind while you work? I have to zoom in a lot, and I have the full map in view when I'm working on the big sections (like the ocean) but then I forget just how big it is. I have a general notion of how big it is, but it's not specific enough to help me keep mountain ranges the right size etc.

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it's 5000x2500, and isn't showing some of the ocean, nor the poles. There's only the one bit of land (and islands), the rest is water (or ice, in the case of the poles), and the planet itself is rather small. Half the size of earth, maybe? I'm terrible with scaling things...

Any feedback or suggestions would be great!