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    Wip Asora - World WIP

    Figured I could use all the feedback this awesome mapping community can offer, despite being new here...

    Here's the first upload of my largest world-building endeavor to date, and the one I will likely be working on for quite some time. I intend to create smaller maps for many regions as well as histories for literally every civilization on the entire planet, before I even begin pulling this into a novel or series (I'm a writer). Yeah. I call it the 10-year project

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Planet Map WIP smaller.jpg 
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    So far, I've got basic information like elevation, temperature, and some of the things that Fractal Terrains is more accurate in (it doesn't do all climate very well). Hence my upload, in which I'm painting earth satellite imagery onto this planet according to a rudimentary & consulted information of geography. What I'm looking for in this regard is: What areas don't look realistic so far? From what you know of the way worlds work, what isn't working in this world? (One sidebar, the number of inland seas has a magical explanation)

    My process for the continents is basically: The Genesis of Israh; A Tutorial - Huge kudos for this tutorial!
    + extensive photoshopping
    Programs used = Fractal Terrains, Wilbur and Photoshop.

    To do list: do Southern Continent, then shift entire map to the left and add the smaller continent in its entirety instead of butchering it and leaving out its midsection. Or vice versa.

    I welcome any feedback you guys have
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