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Thread: October/November 2013 Lite Challenge: Sand and Crystals

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    Wip October/November 2013 Lite Challenge: Sand and Crystals

    Well, there are already two awesome entries this month but, as the most important thing is to take part…

    This is my WIP entry:

    Year 2722 AD. With the discovery of Herbert propulsion (named by the scientist who first theorized the hyperspace travel along multidimensional branes), since some centuries, mankind has begun to colonize various kind of worlds, the most hospitable for life and also those less hospitable, but resource-rich.

    After nearly a century of peaceful coexistence on the dry planet of Besselor, recently also known as the “Blessed Wasteland”, only place in the known space where it is given to find “The Crystal”, an apparently semi-sentient crystal with incredible and unique qualities, a vicious civil war is nearly breaking out between the various human factions.
    Will the surface of the planet, already arid and inhospitable, also be devastated by the battle for control of key strategic areas?
    While the first starships of the human federation, sent to bring peace, are at weeks of travel from the planet, the latest diplomatic efforts between the various factions seem to fall on deaf ears.

    This map want to be a depiction of the northern hemisphere of the planet, where most crystal deposits are found and where, eventually, battles will take place.

    As I'm a fan of “Dune the Boardgame”, the map could be slightly reminiscent to the “Dune” game board; and other analogies with the Dune Universe are, well, not pure coincidental, but can be considered a most humble and puny tribute to a masterpiece of scifi literature.

    I plan to add at least settlements, crystal deposits, texts and embellish everything.

    It’s my first time using textures from photos, and it’s my first mostly top down (but not all elements will be) and non fantasy map, so I really don’t know where I’m headed.

    Of course tips and critiques are highly appreciated!

    ### LATEST WIP ###
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