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    Hello Cartographers!

    I'm a tabletop gaming GM on my fourth campaign. Although I've always done games set in fantasy or sci-fi settings, this time I'm going to be running a superheroes game set in a fictional 1970s. Since I don't know a thing about mapping (usually making due with pre-made content by WOTC, Steve Jackson, etc.), I've been on the look for resources to create a "modern" metropolis in which to set the campaign. Mostly I've come up empty until I found the Guild here.

    I'll be creating a request thread with more details about my project and what I'd be looking for. I have no idea about paying rates for this kind of work, but if it's not too expensive I'd be willing to pay for quality on this. While my setting works well for a tabletop RPG, I could also see using it in written fiction or comics, so I'd like to build something that can last.

    I'm looking forward to working with you fine folks, and thanks for having me here!

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    Welcome to the Guild Darkside989! Sounds like a cool project, hope someone takes it on because I'd love to see the end product. Here's wishing you all the best with this and with your new superheros campaign.


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    Thanks, arsheesh-- I've already received a couple of PMs as a result of my request thread, so here's hoping for the best!

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