Hey, guys. My name is Bill Coffin, and I'm a published RPG writer (Palladium and WEG) and novelist, as well as a business journalist. My interest in the Cartographer's Guild comes from a love for fantasy mapping in general, but in particular, I am beginning to create a new fantasy world for a novel setting, and I've become obsessed with making sure the world feels real. I get kind of ornery that so many fantasy worlds consist of some kind of peninsula and that's it. I'd like to design an entire world.

In the past, I've used various methods to draw maps that don't feel like a bunch of random squiggles, including taking bits of coastline from existing maps and Photoshopping them together. But none of it ever really worked. So I'm eager to discuss methods and tools of the trade with all you folks, who know way more about this than I do. And, I'm looking forward to enthusing about the mapwork already on display! Thanks for having me.