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    Default Converting map to normal map

    - This problem was resolved! -

    I want to convert a map from NASA into a normal grayscale 8 bit heightmap.

    On the source page it states:
    We recommend using visualization software to view the file. Although it is possible to import the file into Photshop CS and later, Photoshop will not read the signed data correctly: elevation values above sea level start at 0, while negative elevations "wrap" to values near white (65535), which is sea-level.
    I looked around assuming that more people have tried converting this particular map, and i was right, however the one tutorial that i do understand halfway through needs you to download a MAC OSX script and i have no MAC.

    In said tutorial there is some additional information on the file format, though to me it could be just aswell chinese characters.

    I've also search google using broader terms but i wasn't able to find tutorials on how to achieve the end result i want as far as i can tell. So if someone could put me on the right track that would be great. I have Photoshop CS5 incase that's helpfull information.

    - This problem was resolved! -
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