So .. yeah .. this is my first time trying to create a map using something else but pencils (read: a digital map)

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This world is for my own skirmish system Whack & Slaughter and is called "Cunabula" - the Latin word for home or cradle ..
It's a small world with the Nordland (left, top) having roughly the size of Italy.
The geography is looking as intended: It's a fantasy world created by a shizophrenic deity (just don't ask the followers about the shizophrenia: they still do believe, the deity has got full control over his two faces ..), so do not try to apply any kind of logic here ..

Tools used:
- arsheesh's Tutorials
- Gimp
- Wilbur
- Powerpoint (for the text stuff, the emblems and the capital-icons)

Stuff I'm not satisfied with, yet:
Though the "Nordland" is home to a gothic/germanic warrior tribe, I'd like to mix in different cultures as well. I know two more languages: Italian and French - neither sounds agressive enough for this world. I'm lacking enough knowledge of other languages to make up nice names for stuff like Forests, cities and so on ..
Any ideas anyone?

Critic of any kind is always welcome

Thanks for reading / watching,