Starting from scratch on a pre-global flood type of world. Did a lot more research on hydrology and tectonics and how a biblical-type flood would effect things. With a giant outer atmosphere of water raining down (effecting the balance of the earth's magnetic field), and giant fissures opening up with water coming up from below the earth's crust - tectonic plate movement could have been massively accelerated. So I'm going with a pangea-styled map.

This first image has the overlay I used to define the outer borders of the mainland.
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Here is the progress of the map so far - with a textured and stylized look to it.
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I'm planning on making Greenland into the mythical location of Eden. That particular plate will sit higher than the others (with a massive body of water below it - which is what causes it to be somewhat raised compared to the other modern-day continents). In the center of Eden will be a set of fantastical-scale springs that feed four major rivers (I have yet to define them - but they will likely follow somewhere along the modern-day continent borders; since that would be the natural low-lying points).

Since the earth at that time would have a greatly amplified "green-house" effect - most of the world will be watered by a morning fog (when the water condenses at lower altitudes) and the modern-day rain and wind we're used to will be extremely rare, if non-existent. This will greatly effect the way that geology forms (and erodes), opening up the door for some interesting fantasy landscapes.

Anyways, that's basically the gist of it. Any thoughts on the idea and what other factors I should consider?