Hi everybody !

As an introduction, I would like first to thank all the people of this community that are sharing their tips, technics and maps. I have seen lots of fantastic digital drawings. I discovered this guild some months ago, but I did not have much time to spend so I put the address into the folder "things to check when I have time". As I have time now, I decided to register and to make this first post !

So I am Wingh, 25 years old, I work in architecture in France, and I love drawing maps since... I can't even remember ! As a kid I used to draw maps... I started to use photoshop to make architectural renders and now I've decided that I could use all the things learned about this software to make maps (I made the youtube tutorials of ButchCurry and realized that it is not as difficult as I imagined) ! Furthermore, I am a GM for AD&D and I also write novels, so I already made maps or dungeon/building plans but they are on paper sheets. In the past, I also drew maps for friends that were writing novels or creating stories for their RPGs.

Let's end this post, because I don't want to bother you, with an example of a map I did in the past. I hope you will enjoy it !

Click image for larger version. 

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