Sup guys and gals.

So I've got a fantasy novel "project" that I've been "working on" for several years; I say "project" and "working on" because in that time all I've managed to accumulate is a pretty big word document of random information and plot ideas, and a folder full of doodles of places, people, and the world in general.

Recently, I got roped into GM a game of Pathfinder for a few noob friends - it's my first time GMing anything, so it's all a little bit daunting, so to make it a bit less so I decided why not make the setting for the game my fantasy world? That way it gives me a setting that I'm at least half familiar with, and it will give me a chance to bash out some more specifics about the geography and towns and such of the world, something I've really neglected until now.

All this means that I am currently reworking my mapwork, hopefully better. None of that for now, though, so here's some dated pictures to give you an idea of the world.

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Hune first started life as Byrdia, and Byrdia was a SimCity 4 map. I don't think I ever actually used the map, but this is the major landmass that I've focused on with my "project".

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Another outline of the landmass/es, a bit more easy to see than the screenshot.

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The furthest I got as far as detail goes; this is the eastern half of the main landmass (which is pretty easily split into two halves, conveniently), which is where the "project" was going to be predominantly set. This shows how long it's been since I've done any "work" on it, Foundation isn't a thing in the "project" anymore. Dawn and Aark are to be the sort of two opposing main powers, with both cities being built on top of and into the side of (respectively) colossal mesa-type things.

Anyway, that's all for now, hopefully I'll get some screens of the new WIP map up in the next couple of days - I'm currently lacking a drawing tablet of any description, so I'm using Illustrator CS5, so I'm not quite getting the amazing hand-drawn look I'd love to have, but it'll all be useful in the end hopefully.

Any crits or feedback on what you see here is welcome and encouraged; I'm a bit janky when it comes to placement of mountain ranges, rivers and the like, but helpfully part of the concept of the "project" is that there was a race of creators who basically messed with the world and did what they want so I can sort of get away with it a little bit

Cheers guys!