Hi guys,

I figured I wouls share a step by step of my latest personnal project.

Central Simeria is a modern setting , after a chemical contamination.
Factions of an eco-terrorist group organized a huge blow to denounce the devastation associated with the use of toxic pollutants. Unfortunately, the group was infiltrated by nihilist extremists who sabotaged the operation, causing a major chemical disaster, now known as the Toxic Plague.

The map will depict a a main physical map with two side maps ( a political one and one thazt shows the areas level of contamination). The piece will be roughly 35"x50". I will use some free shaded reliefs (not drawn by me) again on this one (like I already did on Sharessan's map a few months ago).

First step with the landshape (land is black):

Click image for larger version. 

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