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    Wip The world of Ilvakor WIP

    So , this is probably my first map, well the more complex I have made for the moment. It was handraw at the begining, but I decided to scan it. I made only a little part this way , the rest was done with the help of my friend photoshop.

    I made it for a campain held in D&D 3.5. It only one continent but my friend made another and there possibly another will be added , if there is enough place.

    To be able to make to put it here I squezed the picture a little bit. My photoshop file is 250 mb, is this suppose to be big? But it include others thing as well , like the climate, coordinate and others stuff.

    There is a couple of thing in my map that are not finished such as the:
    - rivers (not finished)
    - montains convered by tree and invisible
    - cliffs missing and I am not sure what to put
    and I think that all

    Of course I am also working to put names of places and also the delimitations for the contry's.

    I alredy made a map for the climate,language, races.
    There aslo these for the density of population, and the altitude but they are not finish.

    But I think I said enough, please tell me what do you think about my map.
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