This is a WIP city. Its been puttering along at about a few dozen blocks per week for...well, quite a few weeks. Oddly, it is one of a rare few of my cities without a world. The block sizes and street widths mean that this is probably not a modern city (from a tech standpoint), and its overall size is only achieved since it is an amalgam (agglomerate?) of six originally separate settlements. This little diagram shows what I was thinking at the beginning (Each circle could be a town/city by itself and the double circles are the six original settlements).

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Below is what I have for Riverrun, Fentil, Portsend, Temple, with bits of Junction and a sampling of Dunfort across the river. The blank area in the middle is University. It is not much to look at yet but I am working my way down through Junction and will probably complete that half of the city before turning north. The University and Temple areas also will each have a 'campus' map. Hopefully making myself accountable to you guys will help keep me on task. I know I've bitten off more than I can chew, but that is balanced by me not knowing when to give up. I am hoping to get at least through the bottom half by the end of November, but we will see.

I have no clue how this could be/should be/would be presented yet (although it is unlikely I will get more detailed than a block plan) but I am open to ideas.

Also, any suggestions/encouragements/ridicules are always welcome.

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