I have been a member of the Cartographer’s Guild since 2010 and have commissioned maps in the past. I was very pleased with the results and I am now back for another go.

Project Scope:

This is a mapping commission for an area map that I need to a Table Top RP Game that I am running. I tried to upload a very rough example that I whipped up in MS Paint, but for unknown reasons the system will not let me at this time. I will have to send via email should a cartographer express interest in this commission.


Size: At least 12” by 12”, larger if possible.

Resolution: 300 dpi

Mode: Adobe RGB 1998 Color Space

Format: Jpeg, Tiff, or EPS. I leave it to your expertise on which format to use. Basically, whichever one retains the highest image quality upon saving.

Transfer of files: Via an FTP upload to a server that I will provide or you can send to me via Drop Box or other similar service.

Copyright: Remains with cartographer

These maps will not be published or reproduced for commercial gain by me. Thusly they will be for my personal use only. However, I do require written permission to reproduce the maps as needed for my personal use. Also, I would like permission to add in labels as needed.


Sunday December 15th

Design Process:

Stage 1 – initial sketch – once approved
Stage 2 – A 50% design development submittal for review – once approved
Stage 3 – A 90% design development submittal for review – once approved
Stage 4 – Final Maps


$100.00 payable via Paypal with a $50.00 earnest payment to start if needed with the balance paid upon delivery and acceptance of the final files.

For now via this thread and the Cartographer’s Guild messenger
Additional contact information will be provided should the project move forward