This is a Paid Commission. The amount we are willing to pay is negotiable and we are willing to work with the designer to find a fair price for their work.


We recently funded our Kickstarter Campaign to produce our first entry into a new Role Playing world. The name of the game is Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance. You can find more information about the game at Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance | The official website for the tabletop role-playing game

We are looking for a skilled and professional artist to design a map of the main continent that the action in this rule book takes place in. Neither of us are cartographers or artists so the map designer would need to be able to take un-specific requests and comments and build it into a map. We want to be able to trust our designer to produce high quality work. We have hand sketched maps and very basic digitally made maps which we will share with the designer once involved in the project.


The art style within the book is pretty varied between renaissance artwork and steampunk design but for the map we were wanting to go more with the Renaissance style of map, though this can be negotiable if the designer wants to take their own approach. It would need to showcase terrain such as mountains, forests, lakes, and rivers. The world has very basic roads and one very basic train system. It also needs to point out notable cities within the world.

Quality & Size

The map would appear in both print and on the web. I can't tell you an exact size by pixels because to be honest I don't know the conversion. But it will be shown in both a two page spread, which would be two 8 1/2 by 11 pages with a small gap between for the binding, which would probably be about 1/2 inch. We also plan on showing the map in smaller pieces, focusing on each realm of the world. This wouldn't require new maps, just to be able to zoom in on a specific part of the map for print.

Time Constraints

The book is set to publish in May of 2014. We would LIKE to have all of the pieces together by February or March so that we have plenty of time to fix any errors that we come across. If it can be done faster, then good, but we don't want a rush job on our first project.


We would need to retain copyright for both print and web use, as well as for reprinting. If used in any other book printing outside of what we initially agree on (for instance if the book really takes off) we can discuss the use of the map and renegotiate any royalties. You will also retain the right to use the image of the map for promotional purposes, to sell prints at conventions, or to show case in your portfolio.

Contact Details

Please respond to us via email, which is

Hope to hear from you soon,
Caelestis Designs.