This was a bit of a deviation for me - I was asked to illustrate a map for a to-be-released collection of children's stories, "The Wide, Wild Field" by Becca Price.

More of an illustration than a map, it depicts the imaginary world in a field beyond the hedge where the characters from the story live.
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I started with a perspective guide and hand sketched out a proposal, then brought it into Gimp where everything was drawn by tablet. I blocked the houses in sketchup to match the perspective and brought those into Gimp as a guide to draw them in fully and add detail.

Labeling was in Inkscape.

The colouring was done after in Gimp, going for a Dr. Seuss palette.

The original B&W drawing was the same physical size, but 300DPI. I also provided a B&W ebook version (600x500px) with the border cropped out, some sharpening, and colour reduction to 16 shades of gray.

-Rob A>