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Thread: The Town Oslik

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    Map The Town Oslik

    Im creating an adventure for my new DnD Party. There for im creating some maps.
    This site helped me alot with ideas and techniques, so that i want to share my first try,
    to draw a map. Everything is handdrawn except for the background map image.
    Hope u like it. If so i share more of my upcoming maps.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Oslik neu small.jpg 
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    I am curious about your technique: it's hand drawn, as in "pen and paper", or with a wacom drawing tablet?did you use brushes, etc. ?
    The look of the map is cool: the only thing i would change, at a first glance, is the shadow of the yellow areas i assume as representing fields, because it made them a little bit "hovering" off the ground.
    I like it, however! It reminds me of some map from published books and adventures

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    thx for the opinion and idea
    glad to hear, that you like it.
    It was created with brushes via Photoshop (Mouse and Keyboard, no Tablet)

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