Hello Everyone,

I've signed up hoping to commission a map for a tabletop RPG. I'm new to this, so price is negotiable. I'm hoping to solicit some bids from designers on the forums, if anyone has any advice on protocol it would be much appreciated. This commission would come with a large amount of autonomy and would include the possibility of future jobs.

Initially, I'll need two maps:
  1. (Overland Map) Coppyrnica
  2. (City Map) Watyrdoun

I'm currently running a Pathfinder game with some friends. Our goal is to create our own campaign setting. The world we've created is called Weir-with-Awl and the bulk of the action takes place on a landmass called Coppyrnica in a state called The Watyrdoun Commynwealth. You can find all our campaign details here: https://weirwythawl.obsidianportal.com/

Hope to digi-meet y'all soon!