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    Here's a map I just finished for a game I'm prepping for. It's a depiction of a secret research facility from the side, showing what is on each floor. It is intended to be more relational than actually to scale.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Neat, makes me think of the Hugh Howey series Wool (which is really good btw). Also of course Metroid and Umbrella Corp. What type of game is it? A computer game or tabletop or RPG maybe?

    We really don't get a lot of side section maps here and they are always nice to see we need more of these... Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you! This map is for a tabletop sci-fi action-horror game I'm running using GURPS. The map is meant to be a computer display of the base's general layout. I'm glad it captured that video game feel, since this adventure is hugely inspired by Doom, HL, and Quake 4.

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