First off, the maps by a lot of the members of this forum are just awesome! I especially like Skenth, Eben and the City-Kingdoms of the Haréshk by Vorropohaiah.

Anyway, I'm predominantly a conlanger (a creator of fictional languages), and a user of the Zompist Bulletin Board and the Conlang Bulletin Board using the same username as I am here. Over the last few years I've been working mainly on a posteriori diachronic conlangs, usually Indo-European conlangs, some of which can be found here (I go under the name "wikim3"), all of which are set in an alternate timeline (althist) on Earth.

Recently I've been moving on to transferring what I've learnt from developing diachronic conlangs to a priori conlangs, but rather than setting them on Earth as I have done ine the past, for the first time in around 10 years I'm planning on creating a conworld to go with my conlangs.

And that brought me to the Cartographers' Guild. When it comes to conworlds, especially drawing them, I'm as close to the most amateur map-maker a person can get so my maps are pretty basic, so I'm here for both critiques from more skilled and knowlegdeable cartographers on the plausibility of my new conworld and to try and pick up some tips on to make a better drawn map

So, yeah, that's me and my hello, and with that I'll finish this post