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    Well I have 0 artistic talent when it comes to drawing things, but I know how I like things to look, and what ideas I have for things.
    Considering this, I thought I might attempt to create a world map for my campaign setting, Kaleda. The following 4 posts will be reserved, and below will be what I intend to include in them:

    Post 1) Information on the setting
    Post 2) Information on the planet
    Post 3) How I made the planet
    Post 4) Final pics

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    Post Post 1 - The Setting

    Kaleda is a world most ancient. For as long as there was recorded history the known world was ruled by the most ancient of Dragons. Then, for reasons none can explain, the world changed. The ancient dragons disappeared and the races were left to fend for themselves. For the last several thousand years a number of nations have appeared, once again ruled by dragons, but these dragons are different to those of legend. Amongst the draconic nations also exist nations ruled by lesser species. The woodland nation of sentient beasts and plants. The skyfaring realm of the Drow (name to change at later date), and the cities of the ocean deep - just to name a few.

    Despite the hundred thousand years of recorded history, there is less than 45% of the planet that has been explored. Wandering too far from places of population and defense is very dangerous, but despite the danger there are still teams of explorers that venture into the world for both fame and wealth. Exploration activities have increased over the last 250 years as ruins belonging to an ancient empire have been discovered.
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    Post Post 2 - The Planet

    Kaleda is a large planet. 6 earths could be placed inside of Kaleda. It is in a solar system with 5 other stellar bodies.
    A binary system, a moon, and 2 planets. A frozen wasteland the size of earth that once supported life, and a small rock ball in an excentric orbit, changing from frozen ice planet to magmatic rock during during the coarse of an orbit.
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    Post Post 3 - In The Making

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    Post Post 4 - Final Presentation

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    Heh. I had to do a double-check there: my conworld is called Kalieda.

    Looking forward to seeing the maps of your Kaleda.

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