Let's try something a little different this month. Your challenge this time around is to create a map with a 'colonial' theme. This could be something as straight-forward as a map showing the various colonies of an expanding empire. Maybe a star map of the various colony planets of an interstellar nation. Or you could think outside the box and illustrate a myconid colony in a deep dark cave. I leave it up to you; as always the voters are the ultimate deciding factor.

The winner receives a silver compass. Come on. You know you want it.

As per usual, please review the challenge entry rules here. The two most important things are to title your thread/entry as November/December 2013 Lite Challenge: YOUR TITLE HERE ; and be sure to precede any work in progress image with this tag: ### Latest WIP ###.

Any questions, concerns, or complaints can be directed to this thread, or you can PM me.