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Thread: Using G. Projector (and calculating grids)

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    Default Using G. Projector (and calculating grids)

    Hello, I am recently having a few woes with G. Projector, grids, and projections.

    Basically, I want to end up with some pleasant looking world maps, perhaps in a few different projections just to highlight different areas. I am also wondering what projection do most people around here use for world maps?

    I input an equirectangular map into G. Projector and mess around with a few different projections, but the output image is usually awful and pixelated (even though the original image is not), and it is difficult to edit as I work mostly in inkscape.

    If, for example, I decide to project it into an azimuthal showing more of the polar regions, should I just save it, and trace over it again in inkscape?

    I imagine calculating grids for projections other than equirectangular is difficult (my brain seems to refuse to understand anything mathematical, it took me long enough to figure out equirectangular) so it is easier to use the one's which G. Projector throws out, and trace over them?

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    Yes, you're pretty much stuck with reprojection making a mess of any pretty symbology and decoration. You should stick to getting the geometry of things right then project, trace, then do the fancy stuff.

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