So I have this conworld I'm slowly constructing – or, well, I have lots really, but most are just fragments and there's only one that I think of as "my conworld" – and I've realized that I have to make a globe, I just can't get the continent shapes the way I want them by drawing them flat. I've been wanting to make this globe for months, just never gotten around to it. Now I have

I'm doing it a bit backwards compared to the other entries it seems, I printed a blank coordinate grid and glued that to a ball, and drew the shapes with pencil. Planning to ink it and paint with watercolors, my usual way. So far, it's sorta confusing to look at I think, just a bunch of grey lines, but it was a lot of work getting here so I want to show it anyway

### Latest WIP ###
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And a pic of the continent on the other side:
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Maybe i'll even come up with a name for the world sometime