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    Hi all!

    I'm new (obviously). I'm starting a new D&D 4e campaign and I've decided to give the VTT concept a try with my gaming group using MapTools and a projector. My group has previously used the projector mounted over the table and projected down onto a whiteboard using a simple image viewer. The impact was impressive, especially when we previously used just markers and whiteboard. So, now I'm ready to take the experience to the next level and use MapTool (I'm sooooo impressed with that software and the community is the most active and responsive of any I've seen! Been lurking there for a while and still need to introduce myself in those forums).

    Anyway, I enjoy creating battle maps from time to time, though in the past it's been on graph paper only. I found GIMP and recently created a battle map of the top level of a ruined stronghold in preparation for use in the campaign. It was based off an ancient Dragon magazine map for an unrelated adventure. I spent a number of hours on it and think it looks quite good. However, that amount of effort isn't worth it if I only keep it to myself, so I joined this community to share anything I make in return for the use of the great content this community produces.

    BTW... I learned of this community by reading some of the posts of RPMiller in the RPTools forums pointing others here - thanks RPMiller.

    What are the posting rules for maps, such as file size limits and recommendations?

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    Welcome to the Guild, Deadfall!

    To post a map click the 'Go Advanced' button under the simple message screen and then click 'manage attachments' That should bring up a menu with the file types allowed and the filesize limits. I believe there is a bit of a glitch that very large files (pixelwise) will not load even if they are under the memory limits though.

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    Welcome de4df4ll (now that's a mouthful )

    You should definitely introduce yourself over at the rptools site. It's another very friendly forum (as I'm sure you've seen from lurking). Definitely post your maps as well. The best way to improve your gimp skills is to post a WIP and get some pointers. Looking forward to another VTT mapper!

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Hi Deadfall, we had some stuff about VTTs on projectors a while back. All started with Dorpond I think - another MapTool flag bearer of some notoriety.

    Welcome BTW & lets see that stronghold map !

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