Subject: Alternate Germany Map and Alternate Europe Map

Germany Map
I have an existing alternate map of Germany:

And would like to request a series of alterations to the map if there is someone who would be kind enough to help. I would greatly appreciate it!
Burgenland - include Sopron, Harka, Kophaza, Fertőrákos, Ágfalva, Preßburg (Bratislava), Sopron (Ödenburg) would be the capital.
Edit Saxony to split into Saxony and German Bohemia
Edit Silesia to separate out a new state 'Sudetenland' (German Moravia)
Styria/Carinthia - includes the Drau to Marburg, then north to the current border of Slovenia/Austria.
Schleswig-Holstein - new northern border
border sharpening - the borders on this map are a bit 'stylized' and don't follow the border very accurately (like Austria or Germany)
Hamburg - same border as now.

This Germany also has our 'French Guyana', Caroline Islands, Western Samoa, Kiautschou Bay, Réunion (called Charlotte Island), South Indian Islands, Canary Islands

United States of America Map
-Our US, plus Canada, Rio Grande Republic, Sonora, Chihuahua, Baja California, Bermuda, Bahamas, French Polynesia (called American Polynesia), Washington Islands (our Marquesas Islands), Virgin Islands (US and UK Virgin Islands), Puerto Rico
-new states: Ottawa, Quebec (from Ottawa River to the Saguenay), Nova Scotia (our Nova Scotia and New Brunswick), St. John's Island, Columbia (British Columbia from 49° to 52°) Yukon (British Columbia from 52° upwards, then due north to the Arctic), Bermuda, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, South California and North California (split at 37°, or possibly 33°), Rio Grande, Sonora (Sonora and Chihuahua to 31.3° N), Athabasca, Manitoba, Keewatin, Manitoulin (Upper Peninsula and the northern shore of Great Lakes. Not sure if this should be all of it, or if it should extend north), Newfoundland (eastern part from Quebec).
-different: Michigan lost the Upper Peninsula; Arizona has a port city (our Puerto Panasca), New Mexico is slightly larger, Maine follows the St John River to the Bay of Fundy at St John.
-in total, 68 states.
-Above our states, the new ones should read: Columbia, Athabasca, Keewatin, Manitoba; they're 3° tall, and Athabasca east should be roughly 7° wide (like the Dakotas).
-Above Athabasca/Keewatin straight north is Saskatchewan Territory; north above Manitoba state due north is West Hudson Territory; north of Ottawa, Quebec, Manitoulin is 'Hudson Territory'
-Other Territories: Washington Islands (Marquesas Islands), American Polynesia, Mariana Islands (including Guam), American Samoa, Marshall Islands, and others that we have currently

Europe Map
For Europe, the map would be:
Spain, Portugal, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland - no change
France - loss of Alsace-Lorraine and Belfort to Germany; Dunkirk to Netherlands
Netherlands - Dunkirk plus Belgium and our Netherlands, minus Eupen-Malmedy-Sankt Vikt
Denmark - slightly changed southern border
United Kingdom - includes Ireland, Malta, Gibraltar (includes Spanish Morocco); includes territories of British Guiana, Azores, Madeira, and the rest of its current territories (minus Bahamas and Bermuda)
Finland - Duchy of Finland border
Poland - second republic border, minus anything still inside Germany
Lithuania - same border, minus Memel and Polish area.
Estonia/Latvia - same borders
Hungary - WW2 border, minus the northeastern bit now in Poland/Slovakia (Marmaros, Marmarosi, Beregi, Ungi)
Italy - include Corsica, County of Nice, Savoy, Haute Savoy, Küstenland; South Tirol is part of Germany - as map above, includes German Empire, Austria, Sudeten areas, Plazas
Greece - include Northern Epirus (red dotted line), Constantinople, Cyprus, Marmara, Aegean Turkey's Manisa, Izmir, Aydin, Mugla; Constantinople is the capital.
Romania - same as our Romania, but add in Moldova, the southwestern bit of Odessa Oblast, and Bulgaria's Silistra and Dobrich.
Vatican - is Leonine City border
Belarus - East Belarus from this map (West Belarus is still part of Poland)

Style for Germany:

Style for US:
*Like the Territorial Growth Map from Wikipedia or Blank Political for using as locator maps
*Terrain Map
*Time Zone map:
-AST (-4): Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, St. John's Island, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
-EST (-5): Florida to the Chattahoochee River, GA, SC, NC, WV, VA, New England, Pennsylvania, New York, Ottawa, Quebec, Hudson Territory, Bahamas
-CST: Ohio, Louisiana, Minnesota, Manitoba, Michigan, Manitoulin, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, East Texas (dark green to the west corner, then due south), Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North/South Dakota, Rio Grande, Manitoba, West Hudson Territory
-MST: Sonora, Arizona, New Mexico, Western Texas, Montana, Idaho (divided as our timeline), Saskatchewan Territory
-PST: North/South California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Columbia, Yukon, Athabasca, Keewatin
-AST (-9): Alaska Panhandle, Washington Island Territory
-WST: (-10): rest of Alaska, American Polynesia, Hawaii

Style for Europe:
Political Map like this
Blue Marble like this or this
Time zone map
-GMT is UK, Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands
-CET (GMT+1) is Germany, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Albania, Hungary
-EET (GMT+2) is Belarus, Baltic states, Finland, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine; Russia (Murmansk, Moscow, Karelia, Leningrad, Voronezh, Tula, Lipetsk and west)
-WRT (GMT+3) is western Russia east of Moscow to Komi, Arkhangelsk.

Quality & Size
pro/semi-pro, for web, at least 2000x2000 pixels, preferably larger to show as much detail as possible, png or svg

Copyright: I'm not going to be selling it. It's for private use.


Time constraints: none, hopefully within a month or two if possible

If anything is unclear or doesn't make sense, feel free to let me know. And many thanks in advance!