My name is Armma. Just like my da and his da before him. It's a family thing he tells me. He says he can trace his family all the way back to the dirt days, when people like us walked under a real sun and had real living dirt under our feet. He doesn't know how long ago that was, it seems like no one does. A thousand years? a million? It don't matter anyway, we all just keep going on in this giant smelly can we call home. more than twenty thousand if you believe the "whiters" not that I do. They'll tell you all kinds of lies to keep you peaceful and not make waves. Us "reds" are always causing trouble by asking questions and being a pain in the backside or at least that's what the "whiters" say. I got no use for the lot of them. The only problem is they keep this giant barge going. They keep the oxy flowing and the water recycling and the sun burning. Me and my da are farmers, we grow the leaves the "whiters" turn into nutrapaste. Stuff isn't bad if you have someone that knows how to make something out of it. My ma was real good at that, that is untill she got lungrot and died. Yeah anyway I gotta go my da will be looking for me.....

Well this challenge got me thinking and well got me coming up with a story idea before I had a map idea. Now I think I have both. The premise is this: In a time long past, a civilization saw the end of it's planet's life coming. With time to prepare they built enormous ships to carry them into the void of space. They didn't realize it would be an endless journey......

Here is the very basic outline of one of these "colony ships" I of course will detail all the various areas and I have some (hopefully) neat ideas about certain things on this ship.

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