I'll go for a fantasy map; I would have done an AH one, but I feel not ready. So It will be fantasy mixed to something that could recall slightly actual history.

The WIP background:

Give Me Liberty

With the discovery of a new southeastern continent , called Adrusia, by the will of the kings of Pridayn, numerous settlements were founded within a few centuries, in order to expand the possessions of the Crown and to spread the word of the High Father.
Prosperity, intellectual ferment and intolerance towards the monarchy, less and less respectful of the rights of the people, has recently created a new sensibility among many settlers.
Following the Edict of Faith, which imposes the cult of the High Father, proclaiming compulsory veneration even in the colonies, some of them, tired of the constant harassment and not recognizing the authority of the Crown anymore, are openly rebelling.
The loyal colonies have varied positions: some are to attack the rebellious colonies others are for "live and let live ", but the royal army is embarking in the Mother Country and could sweep away even those who are loyal but do not cooperate.
Meanwhile , in the lands to the far east and south, the indigenous shamanist orc tribes, refractory to accept human presence and the worship of the High Father, are putting aside old rivalries to fight the common enemy.
But which is the common enemy ? Will it be a war of all against all ? Will the tribes join the rebellious colonies to drive away the presence of the kingdom from the mainland ? Or rather, will the tribes work together with the loyalists and the king to eliminate the rebel force, who openly wants to found a new nation even at the expense of the tribes ? Or maybe the rebellious colonies will make peace with the Crown and overcome differences to deal with the tribes?
Who will achieve Liberty, in the end?

And the

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