Hi there. I'm posting my first world map WIP here. I've been lurking for a very very long time. I've been working on a map for my headworld of Aldraste. Currently I'm working on the Post Lunar Fall version of the map, as that is the version that my story takes place. I've tried for years to come up with landmasses that I actually like, and now that I have a more detailed story for the map to go cohesively with, I can say that I'm pretty happy. I've started out in a mockup of an equirectangular projection (I tend to get hung up on projections but there comes a point where I just need to say it's good enough and move on) The left continent is where the story will focus on mainly, as that is the known world. The rest of it will probably be artistically shrouded in mist at some point, or less detailed in design. I think I will end up throwing this into some sort of azimuthal projection, more for aesthetics than anything else. Eventually I'll do some more large scale maps. I recently saw Gumboot's map of Terra Patria, and I think I want to end up doing some sort of topographical political map based loosely on that style. His map is gorgeous by the way.

Anyway, some backstory on the map, as I know some of the landmass shapes are unnatural. The reason they're like this is because of an event called the Lunar Fall, which happened when an ancient human civilization tried to reach for too much power by grabbing energies from the moon. The way they did it caused massive instability in the moons energies and it shattered, with large chunks of the moon falling down to Aldraste. This caused the large craters in the continents. I may not be completely happy with how the right continent looks right now, and I'm sure it will change as I do this map, but for now it's okay and not nearly as important as the right continent. We'll see how this goes. I guess I'll get started on a height map.

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