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Thread: Dhur Naal Dwarven Mine Complex map

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    Default Dhur Naal Dwarven Mine Complex map

    As always, created in Xara Designer Pro 9. Unlike my quick maps, this is about 2.5 days in creation - I've got a WIP thread in the WIP forums for this.

    This is Dhur Naal Mining Complex. Although I realize geologically speaking gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies and emeralds don't all come from the same mines, or the same areas, but this mine has it all - it's intended to be a fun map for games, not a reflection of real-world geology.

    Anyway, most Dwarf Mine maps I see tend to look chaotically designed - as if designed by gnomes. First and foremost, dwarves are engineers (in my thinking) and therefore things like track layout should make more sense and look engineered, that was my goal in doing this. Plus you seldom see an entire mining complex, and I wanted to be more complete with this design. I was inspired by Jacktannery's Gold Mine Map, but I had to go my own way.



    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great map. I love the little description of each pit in the map. It really gives it depth.

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    OK, which room is Smaug hiding in? Nice work!

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