PART #1 -

I am looking for a talented artist to create a full size game world map for print. I have a map that was completed a while back, but it needs some modifications and additions to it for it to be utilized for my needs. I am looking for either a completely new redrawn map, or the current map modified as you see fit. I have the complete PSD with all layers intact. In addition I am looking for this same game world map, which is in full color, to be completed in a old parchment type map, no color, with labelling of the different world locations.

Click image for larger version. 

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This is just a small scale picture of the map so you get the point. The original is 5x larger.

So I am open for ideas if it would be easier for your to start from scratch or modify this map.

PART #2 -

Now taking the larger game world, I will now need to break up key areas into tiles. The tiles would be interchangeable and used to create the board pieces for the game. The larger map will not contain the level of detail these smaller tiles would. I would need these highly detailed, representing old roads, ruins, dungeon floors, etc.. All from the above looking down perspective. The tiles would need to have a low transparency grid system overlayed to fit a specific size miniature base.

You can kinda see what I am looking for in the Tiles with this detailed map of an abandoned mine:

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Old Abandoned Verlite Mine.jpg 
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This map is quite huge but it can be used for Game tiles of a special area in the game. I am looking for a REALISM look to all maps, which means no cartoonish feel type items on anything to be made.

*** Now if you specialize in one of my required parts, but not the other, please still contact me. I have no problem working with several people on this paid project.

Time Constraints

Need to start the work as soon as you can. I know this can be some detailed and time consuming work, so I would like someone who is ready to begin.


All work completed will be 100% copyrighted to me and my game. I will own all rights and require all PSD's or original editable files, with all layers intact.

Contact Details

If you are interested, please post here or email me at ebizcraftsman @ gmail com .. Once I hit 5 posts, you can PM me with your inquires.

In closing, I have been looking through the galleries for some time now and VERY impressed with the level of detail and talent here. I am looking forward to working with 1 or more artist from this site and thank you for your time.