hi guys.

I recently bought a new iMac and an Intuos Pro Tablet. I work with Photoshop CC and am experiencing lots of lag while drawing. Also, quite often PS seems to freeze and doesn't execute what I'm doing, e.g zooming in or out, changing the size of the brush, switching between fore- and background color etc. When I click onto the canvas, it sometimes will then execute everything I did before (which is annoying), or do nothing (which is also annoying). Another thing is that it doesn't change the brush size and color, but I can still draw.

All very strange, since it's all new gear.

Googling for this problem I found a thread describing similar problems in a wacom forum. Wacom stated that the problem is with photoshop, because it distributes it's resources differently since the Maverick update. The suggested solution (resetting PS) didn't help (anyone). Now Wacom says they're working on the problem with Adobe.

Is any of you guys experiencing something like this and has probably heard of a solution? I couldn't find anything else on the omniscient internets.

P.S. I got the latest driver, btw.