I'm not sure my last request was clear, so I'm breaking it up into its separate parts. This should be an easy one to do for those on this board whom I see are much much more skilled than I am at maps. I can barely handle MS Paint, which is why I came here, asking for help.

The request is easy:

Germany Map
I have an existing alternate map of Germany:

And would like to request a series of alterations to the map (or a completely new version, if that's easier) if there is someone who would be kind enough to help. I would greatly appreciate it!
  • Burgenland - include Sopron, Harka, Kophaza, Fertőrákos, Ágfalva, Preßburg (Bratislava), Sopron (Ödenburg) would be the capital.
  • Edit Saxony to split into Saxony and German Bohemia
  • Edit Silesia to separate out a new state 'Sudetenland' (German Moravia)
  • Styria/Carinthia - includes the Drau to Marburg, then north to the current border of Slovenia/Austria.
  • Schleswig-Holstein - new northern border
  • border sharpening - the borders on this map are a bit 'stylized' and don't follow the border very accurately (like Austria or Germany)
  • Hamburg - same border as now.

This Germany essentially has the territory of the German Empire and the attempted country of 'German Austria.'

This Germany also has our 'French Guyana', Caroline Islands, Western Samoa, Kiautschou Bay, Réunion (called Charlotte Island), South Indian Islands, Canary Islands, Plazas de Sobereina

Style for Germany:

Quality & Size
pro/semi-pro, for web, at least 2000x2000 pixels, preferably larger to show as much detail as possible, png or svg.

Copyright: I'm not going to be selling it. It's for private use.

Contact: modean2525.-..-.--.-.at.-.-..---.-.-..-yahoo

Time constraints: none, hopefully within a month or two if possible

If anything is unclear or doesn't make sense, feel free to let me know. And many thanks in advance!