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    Default 'Ello!

    Long time roleplayer and wargamer.

    I've been worldbuilding since I was a teenager (which was, sadly, decades ago). I even tried my hand at Campaign Cartographer 2 many moons ago, but it never went anywhere.

    Now, however, I am building a new world for my latest RPG project, and I think I have some money to spend on a custom map. I will be perusing the map section for likely victims, err, know

    That, and man, who doesnt love maps?

    Im in the Bay Area, California, and run a hotel. See, there are geeks everywhere!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kealios View Post
    That, and man, who doesnt love maps?
    This! Welcome aboard, from one newbie to the next.

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    Hello there.

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