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    Post *** December Challenge - Map a 5 Room Dungeon ***

    Some time back there was a very interesting article over at Role Playing Tips on The 5 Room Dungeon. The basic idea is to create a quick and interesting one shot adventure type of scenario involving a complex with just 5 rooms. To make things interesting each room has a distinctive feature:

    1. Entrance Guardian - The reason the dungeon hasn't been plundered before (e.g. trap, lost key, literal guardian);
    2. Puzzle or Role Playing Challenge - this room ought to allow access to both rooms 3 and 4;
    3. Red Herring - something about this room looks appealing but investigating it turns out to be a mistake;
    4. Climax, Big Battle or Conflict - this is where the big boss is, or where the climax of the plot leads;
    5. Plot Twist - a room that features something unexpected that takes the story in a new direction;

    I'm paraphrasing quite a lot here and I would recommend that you read the full post in the link above if you decide to do the challenge. So the challenge just is to map a 5 room dungeon according to the above format. It doesn't have to be a "fantasy" dungeon, nor even a "dungeon" as we typically understand it. What does need to be included is the following:

    • A five room complex of some sort;
    • Some form of explanation of what's happening in each room (a key would be nice but a simple explanation will do).

    One other thing, apparently they ran a contest over at RP Tips for writing a 5 Room Contest and if you are looking for inspiration or even just some examples you may want to check this out.

    Please include the following in your entry threads:

    Title each new thread December 2013 Entry - <your title>

    Precede each WIP image with the tag ### Latest WIP ###.

    The challenge will end on or around the first of January, and the winner will receive a golden compass, an enviable accolade here at the Guild.
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