As the title says, I'm creating a whole new world for a D&D 3.5e campaign I'm going to run. I... had no need of your services until I recently accidentally deleted the perfect map I had found through some online random map generator. Unfortunately, I pretty much deleted everything else I had done for the campaign as well (most of it's history, country/city info, important world figures, etc). As such, I'm restarting from scratch/memory. As such, this is probably the first in a slew of map requests I may make. (meta-question: would it be best to make all map requests for this world here or in separate threads?)

A little bit about the world

Two versions of the known world for my campaign. One version will contain just the Geography while the other should have cities, landmarks, and other notable things marked.

The continents look something like the image I've quickly scratched down below. In hindsight, I wish I'd left more space on the left for a slightly larger unexplored region and for a little bit of ocean on the left of that. This is an extremely rough sketch and whoever fulfills this would have broad artistic reign over the style, details, and ultimate shape.

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I do have a small laundry list of geographic features I do want, though:
  • The Humans, Elves, and Dwarves should all have a natural port city facing in towards Mantha (the large island with the Arcanum on it), which should also have less pronounced geography for a port.
  • The Dwarves should have lots of mountains in the North, though they can have a couple valley areas.
  • The Elves should be mainly forest and valleys, with a mix of mountains
  • The Humans are mainly open plains with a medium smattering of forests on the east coast and mountains elsewhere.
  • The Orcs are mostly barren plains and a few mountains.
  • The Gnomes/Halflings are plains and mountains with very few forests.

These features help explain part of the lore and role each of the races play (economically, politically, etc). Hopefully I'll have more on that later after I begin retyping up some of the lore... But trust me, it makes sense in my head.

I prefer PNGs, but really whatever you like. I can always convert it later. (probably.)

Resolution-wise, it's difficult to say. This is for an online D&D campaign, so we'll be able to zoom in until it get's too ugly. I'd like it to be of a sufficient resolution where I can zoom in on a single "nation" without cringing at the pixels. I don't know if that's unreasonable or not; feel free to inform me.

Remains with the cartographer, most likely.
If I ever got the the point where I thought the campaign was good enough, I'd like to release it as Open Game Content. I would ask/renegotiate with the cartographer at this point.

I'm hopefully rewriting the introductory campaign module over the Christmas break to begin playing again in late January/early February. That said, it's not a strict deadline, you'll just make me sad.

Design Review:
I would like to see snapshots of progress. Say, an initial sketch + 25% milestones?

I'm willing to pay. I am, however, a poor college student with no concept of what I should pay for a project with such broad specifications.

Give me a ballpark figure and we can negotiate.

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