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Thread: "Arthud" at night

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    Map "Arthud" at night

    Hello, Guild members, and friendly helpers! Here is the first project I've made... a village called Arthud. It might be already quite obvious, but I followed the steps of a tutorial made by Lerb (or Larb, I don't know). I have to accept that many things I copied exactly as the tutorial said, and I shouldn't do that, although I think it is justified since it is my first project ever. Don't worry, won't happen again. Also it is a way to put at least something in these threads before I do any big project.
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    Village name: Arthud
    Pays tithe to: Kingdom of Learth
    Location: Road between the cities of Learth and Vaardun.
    Population: 107; 46 men, 61 women.
    Families: 22
    Founded: 93 years ago.
    Main source of food: Fishing
    Number of Taverns: 1; "The Drunken Fisherman"

    Well, all I ask of you is constructive criticism. Feel free to tell me whatever you like; question, comments, etc.
    And maybe you are wandering what my "big project" is. Well... I plan on mapping (larger scale than this, of course) most of the main cities of Westeros (from Game of Thrones), also making some continent-scale maps of my own.
    Thank you!

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    I think it has turned out great and I am glad people are finding my tutorial useful. I am also guessing you are using a mouse rather than a tablet pen.

    By the way there is nothing wrong with following the steps precisely. One of the main aims of the tutorial is to show people techniques I use for my maps. Once you know them you can easily change/adapt them to your needs. As long as you picked up some things along the way then that is all that matters.

    As for drawing big cities using this style... well I have done a few. It is very very time consuming I must warn you... =P

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    Your map is really nice, Kobell, and it doesn't look like your first work. It's a great work and if you followed Larb's guide step by step with these results, than Larb did a great job with his guide too

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    Very nice! I really like the crisp, clean style. Would love to see something similar to this on a much larger scale.

    The only things that could do with a tiny bit of improvement (IMO) are the water and lights. With the water, maybe try blending the different colours more, to give them a more gradual transition. And I love the idea of adding lights (gives the map a very nice and interesting atmosphere!) but they're a bit to "chunky", and the colour doesn't look quite right. I'm attaching a quick example of a warmer orange colour, with Gaussian Blur to spread the light out more naturally, and the layer mode set to Dodge.
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