Sneak Attack Press is looking for an artist to create some space station tile designs, where each tile represents an overhead view of a different room, all with interlocking passages. (Think Carcassonne tiles, but on a space ship).

We are initially looking for just four designs to create a prototype, but if our upcoming Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will want between 36 and 120 tile designs, depending on how our stretch goals go.

The prototype tiles will be printed at 3.5 inches (90 mm) square, but the final designs will be smaller, either at 45 mm or 70 mm, again the exact size depends on stretch goals.

We are looking to acquire all commercial rights, but you can use them as part of you portfolio, blog, or the like.

We'd like the initial four tile designs by early January. We are more flexible about timing for the final designs, though some time in the spring or early summer would be good.

Please respond by emailing with a sample of your work and your rates for such a project.