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Thread: [WIP] - The World of Moonfall (Fantasy/Steampunk/Post-Apoc.)

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    Wip [WIP] - The World of Moonfall (Fantasy/Steampunk/Post-Apoc.)

    After doing some alternate history (for WW II) stuff this is more or less the first actual map that I'm truly doing myself.*

    It's for a setting / story idea that's been floating around my mind for quite some time now. The gist is that Moonfall (which wasn't always its name) is a cold desert world around 1800 years after a global cataclysm that's now in the middle of its first phase of industrialization. Much of its civilization is located on the northern half of the globe, with geographic features, oceanic currents and weather patterns leaving much of the southern half an untouched and unexplored wasteland. People have good reasons to believe in magic and monsters: there are individuals who possess great powers, and parts of the local wildlife are semi-intelligent and extremely dangerous.

    Scattered across the globe (and more so in the south) are ruins and artifacts of a mysterious forerunner civilization, commonly called the Small Folk, some of which stand tall even to this day.
    Okay, enough backstory, and on to the map. The general plan is to create two versions: one very ornate edition (more colorful, with fancy edges etc.; basically what you'd give your lord and master) and a more subdued one (the mass-produced version, so to speak).

    I've drawn the landmasses and used three layers to create different coastlines/depth lines. The outermost line has been worked over with the smudge tool to create a more organic look. The water in the southern ocean is brighter as the whole sea has a very low depth (hardly more then 300 meters at most) and a rather high salt content.

    NEXT: Mountains and hills and rivers.

    *There was sort of a template, but telling more would give the story twist away. :p
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