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Thread: Mountains - What do you think?

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    Default Mountains - What do you think?

    Hey! Working on a map in photoshop, and I decided to do my mountain ranges a little different than normal. Usually I just do a simple "^" mark in black and scatter them all over, but that's pretty simple... In the past I played around with using a layer with bevel and emboss w/ texture for mountain, but that always looked too stiff, I thought. But I decided to try it again and try and make it a little more rugged and take away that crisp look and I ended up with these.

    So what do you all think? Too messy? Just right? What would you change, if anything? Thanks in advance!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And as for the rest of the map, like the legend, don't critique it too hard I didn't put as much effort into the rest of it, cause it's still a work in progress

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    They look quite good, if a bit unnatural. I think it's the color that causes that impression - they look to be extensions of the grasslands they rise from, rather than peaks of barren rock.

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    It looks very much like my Xara created top down mountain ranges - very good, Larion.
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    I like the definition of the coastlines and the shoals being represented on the map. I also thing the top down of the mountains are well done. I do have to agree the colors of the mountains are off and I can not say which way.


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