Oh man I've been waiting to share this map here for years! It took three years to get the gazetteer book out, and we just released it today so I can finally show this.

It was hand sculpted and hand painted. I used foam core board and projected the drawing onto it, then cut into the board for the canyon and a few craters, and then roughed up the non-water areas so the modelling compound would stick to the board. I used crayola Model Magic as the modeling medium as it was non-toxic, air dried in hours, and took acrylic paint either as painted or hand mixed like clay. The ruins were made from snapped off lengths of balsa wood, then hand painted. The Tainted Sea area is just the foam board itself, painted with two coats of a matte blue (needs to be matte or it will shine during the photoshoot).

I highly recommend this method, its what I used for Fantasy Flight Games Midnight map and Game of Thrones maps, along with many other maps that came out years ago when I was freelancing. Now of course I publish The Mutant Epoch RPG

Oh, the type was done in Photoshop, the original sculpture is about 30 x 30 inches and professionally photographed.
I welcome any questions about this project and will share some of the 448 page book's interior maps shortly.