Hey there guys! After seeing that Lukc might enter this challenge I almost gave up! But then I had the perfect idea.
Temer Temple is a PnP (Print and Play) game, that will use the room mechanics from the Challenge. My final Wip will be an image of the final product, that is, all the rooms in a simulated gameplay.

Temere Temple will be a simple game, something that you could play within 20 minutes, and all you will need is some dices, some markers, and the boards of the game.
Temer is a latin words that means ´´Random´´, which pretty much explain the mechanics of my boardgame. The player is an adventurer that just found Temere Temple, looking for some loot and fame. The player must pass through 5 rooms, with different challenges, all using dices and markers as mechanics.

There are 5 types of rooms, all numbered from 1 to 5, and the first room the player enters is 1, and if he wins the challenge he goes to the room number 2, and so on.
For each room there´ll be 3-4 different types of encounters, that means a possible output of over 1024 different playthroughs.

The rules are not ready yet, so I´ll be updating it with the development of the rooms.

Final Map and Product:
Since this is CARTOGRAPHERS GUILD, its obvious that I must have a final demonstration of a 5 room complex of my game. My last WIP will be a simulation of an ongoing playthrough with all the rooms of that play, and the unused ones too.

Along with that I´ll be uploading all the Boards, and some markers that the player need to play the game, and off course the rules.

Hope I was clear, sorry for any grammar mistakes! Also a little sneak peek of 2 dungeons, the Spear Room and The Sirens.
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