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    I am trying to download Kindari's Photoshop tutorial on my Mac and the icon briefly appears in my dock and then disappears. Is it possible that it was written for windows only? I have just recently downloaded Photoshop's cs6 on a 30day trial and I need a basic tutorial...would appreciate any help in this regard.

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    Unless a file is native to some application JPG, TIF, PNG, PSD can be opened on a PC or a Mac equally well. I know that Mac doesn't read the file extension name, so a JPG of a map, doesn't have ".jpg" behind it, but it's still a JPG file. There isn't actually a PC only format, that I am aware. It sounds like you're having some other problem.
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    Thanks, but I believe it contains mostly text(not sure) I have left a message for Kindari on UTube websiite where I first viewed video

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    Do you have Adobe ? It's really basic but it's possible that you don't have it by default : Adobe - Téléchargement d'Adobe Reader - Toutes versions

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    Thanks... I had originally downloaded Adobe CC(Photoshop included Lightroom which was too much for my system). I now have downloaded and installed just Photoshop CS6 and was able to download Kindari's tutorial by clicking on the map(I had previously clicked on the link below) you can see I'm a beginner and technologically challenged.

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