We have received some site feedback suggesting that it would be helpful if the Guild offered a way for those seeking map commissions to check into the credentials and references of potential cartographers prior to commissioning them. After some discussion we've reached the decision that while this would indeed be useful we do not wish to set up any structures that would cause the Guild to stand in a mediating role between cartographer and client.

However it is possible to create an informal, voluntary reference system based on tools already at hand. If you are a cartographer here at the Guild who wishes to use the map requests section to look for jobs then you may want to consider setting up a separate "Commissions" portfolio album. In it you could place all of the work you have done for previous clients. In the comment section you can quote any references you've received for the corresponding maps by former clients (or get in touch with them and ask for a reference). In addition it would be a good idea to get into the practice of asking new clients for references to add to your portfolio as well. This could serve as a useful format for potential clients to view your professional work and your references.

Again, this is just a recommendation, not a requirement, for those using the Map Requests section to find commissions.